The sky was always blue.

It wasn’t the kind of blue that made you feel sad; it also wasn’t the kind of blue that made you feel heavy. It was the kind of blue that reminded you to breathe after a tiring day. It was the kind of blue where it reminds you of the happiest memories before they fade away, forever.

For so long, I’ve always been so in love with the sky. It’s always out there, and it will always be. The great beyond, stretched far above us. Its beauty is undeniable. Every cloud that seemed to cover only enhanced what it already wass. The sky is wonderful and almost everyone takes it for granted.

There are two things in this world that I love.

Although I’ve appreciated the sky above us, I’ve also been fascinated with you. You have a pull that seemed to bring the heavens to reach. You made it bluer than I thought it could be. I became in love with you.

I love the way your brown eyes seemed to compliment the blue skies. I love how easily I could get lost in your words. I love how there’s so much of you that feels like treasure waiting to be discovered. You are marvellous. Every flaw just seemed to make you even better than you were before. You are perfect and it’s sad how everyone just took you for granted.

I wish I told you.

I would’ve told you how I felt, I could’ve, but I didn’t. You weren’t like the night sky where I could’ve just told you everything and you’d just stand there and listen. We were going to pursue two different paths in our lives. You, like all people, would have had something to say. And I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be the response I longed for. I wish I told you though, while I wasn’t busy denying the fact that after all this, we won’t see each other again.

It’s all over now.

I’ve resorted to staring at the night sky in my pastime. I am learning to love the moon and the stars. Gems that light up the nights you’re never up for. My days aren’t the same anymore. It’s now sad, and heavy, and it keeps reminding me of the worst memories. The blue sky isn’t what it is anymore. It’s not the same majestic blue it was like before. It’s now red, angry, alone. But maybe this love would find its way back to me again someday. Behind every fading sunset is a clear, blue sky.



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