Once there was light,

What followed was darkness,

Then there came a girl,

In silence, she is sightless,

Sailing through the winter storm

Of what she could not see,

She felt the melted snow,

This was all she could be,

The remnants of tomorrow,

Trying to get pass the winter storm

Rivers turned to crystals,

Her ears were deaf,

Her eyes were blind,

Why move onwards,

In this never-ending winter storm

She suddenly hears a voice,

Of melodic sound,

The first thing she could fathom,

The deaf girl heard laughter,

In the raging winter storm

She inched forward

Shivering in the knee-high snow

Reaching out through the landfall

Her hand grasping the air

Oh the murderous winter storm

When she’s finally progressed,

Then came back the silence,

The laughter fully digested,

Swallowed by the winds,

In this angry winter storm

She bid farewell,

To the cold’s shiver

The first song of hope,

Gone within a blink,

The thriving winter storm

Stars should roof the night,

But the clouds covered,

For she had no sight,

Why move onwards

In this dark, cold, winter storm

In the darkness,

A burst of color,

In the dark of night,

A smile in sight,

In the clouded winter storm

She cherished her vision,

Of what she’s never seen

An image of happiness,

Didn’t seem out of reach,

In the lonely winter storm

Through the cold,

She willed to move,

Against the heavy push of snow,

She buried all her sorrow,

She was alone in the winter storm

At the time she lived in the moment,

A collection of hue,

A spark of hope,

The smile vanished once again

A blind girl in the winter storm

She was then found by a stranger,

The only voice she could hear,

The only smile she could see,

The vision that kept her alive,

In the painful winter storm

Her hand was held by warmth

A newfound companion,

A friend in a stranger,

This, her solo fight,

Is this really a lonely winter storm?

A friend in the stranger,

The deaf girl saw a smile,

The blind girl heard a laugh,

A burst of color, a song of hope

Will she get out of the winter storm?

With his smile she could conquer,

The obstacles ahead,

With his laugh she could dominate,

The darkness in her head

This is it, the cold winter storm

But once she felt at peace,

He was gone in a split,

A short-lived feel of spring,

She found herself in the eye,

Of the most violent winter storm

Her voice could not be heard,

An inaudible cry for help

She yearned for his laugh,

Craved for his smile,

As she cried alone in the winter storm

He rarely smiled,

He barely laughed,

He wasn’t able to answer

To her last final call,

Stuck in the merciless winter storm

Once there was light,

What followed was darkness,

Then there came a girl,

In silence, she was hopeless,

Dead and gone in the winter storm.


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