everything,everything : taking risks

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

   It was many things. It was everything, then nothing, then it turned into something. First it was a book, then then there was a trailer, then there’s a movie. And then, after all that, (and somewhere in between), there was the hype. Too much of it to be exact. Almost everywhere I go, my friends kept talking about the book, and it’s movie counterpart. They kept saying it was brilliant and it was worth the read. But after reading it, I can honestly conclude that it was a good read but it wasn’t worth the hype.

First, let’s talk about the good stuff.

  • It was mostly reliant on dialogue, and it was refreshingly different
  • The illustrations, they were adorable and fit the book very well.
  • I love the way it was written, the characters were very intact with their dialogues and such

Over all, it was good. A nice, light, summer read. It was cliché: a girl who can only stay inside, falls for a boy from the OUTSIDE. Tragic, I know. It was pretty cute though. It was cute, their little emails, her witty remarks, the way she actually checked her health to see if love could kill her. It was an adorable and light love story.

Now, the bad side:

  • I don’t know how many times I’ve stoppped reading midway, thinking, how would this book end?
  • I came up with some possibilities but the end was the exact opposite of what I thought it would turn out to be
  • It was okay? The ending fit the whole cliche idea 
  • But I definitely expected more?
  • I hoped that the plot twist would intensify. But it doesn’t.
  • After reading a it over, I noticed plot holes. Holes. Yes, plural.

It still bothers me, I was so invested into the that book only to be disappointed. I expected something tragic-er or something. It’s the kind of book that lovesick me would’ve liked. It’s a book for people who dreamed of happy endings. For people who wanted to find the perfect love. It’s for people who doesn’t know what pain felt like, or people who wanted to forget how it did. 

It’s a book, fit to be read when you just want to get away from the world. It’s not deep enough to suck you in, but enough to keep you going. It’s a light romance, something to keep you looking, hoping, that somewhere in this world, three its love for you. And love has its own ways into finding you. 

To whom do I recommend this read?

It’s a good, cliche book. You’d love it if you’re into cliche stuff or if you re in the mood for light reads. So I’d recommend this to people who loves happy endings. Some part of me loved it too. 

So yeah, it’s a 7/10 for me. I’m not the type of person whom you’d expect to give reviews so I’m leaving it at that. As I promised in Entry No. 1 : spoiled food, I’ll be leaving personal insights/ reflection about the book so erm… yea.


Maddie, the sick girl, said something about risks. Something that goes, life is all about taking risks. Doing something is a risk, not doing something is also a risk. Something that I think most of us can agree to. Everything we do right now, every choice, every decision can alter events that would be happening later, tomorrow, and even 10 years from now. It may end up pretty well, it may also wind you up in prison, but who knows?

Recently, I’ve been making a lot of good choices. In the ~humble~  beginnings of this blog (before it was bleached clean and was reborn as Rumbley Mumbley), I’ve discussed school related stuff, senior year, the stress was eating me alive. There were hundreds of applications to universities and different campuses. At school, every conversation would never miss the topic: which one are you getting? We were left to decide what we were going to study for the next 2 years. (For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, here in the Philippines, we’re to choose a certain strand with specified subjects to pursue for two years, before going to college. It is easier if it is related to the college program you see to pursue right after.) 

It was stressful AF. I felt like everyone knew where they were going, except for me. 

I was given 5 options,

  1. Science, Technology , Engineering and Math a.k.a STEM – I wasn’t really fit for this, I don’t see myself 10 years later, pursuing a job in this field.
  2. Technical Vocation a.k.a techvoc – I don’t see myself here either
  3. Music, Arts, and Design a.k.a MAD – this actually tied with the next one
  4. Humanities and Social Science a.k.a HUMSS – I ended up here
  5. Accounting and Business Management a.k.a. ABM– I could’ve wound up here  

It was a risk to choose HUMSS, the only “good” job I can pursue here is to become a lawyer or perhaps, a psychologist? (I COMPLETELY DISAGREE).

Honestly, up until now, I am still not sure what job I’ll be pursuing, what college program will I take. All I know is that numbers weren’t for me. 

Back then, I was so sure of becoming a journalist. HUMSS was the way to go. Back then, I was so sure to become a freelance writer. HUMSS was the way to go. Back then, I was so sure of becoming a radio broadcaster. HUMSS was the way to go. Right now, I’m thinking of becoming a linguist or possibly a psychologist. I’m not sure which, maybe both? Tomorrow, I might want to be a museum curator, or perhaps an international diplomat. I’m not sure, I’m waiting for something to switch inside of me.

I can’t be everything all at once. At some point, I even wondered. What if I chose the wrong track? Would I be wasting 2 years of my life? 

 Either way, the ‘me’ who signed all those applications, the me who was uncertain of herself, was taking a risk. I honestly don’t know who I want to be, but all roads lead to the same thing. I’m glad I chose this, because HUMSS is definitely for me. The road from here is risky. I can still feel the pressure of having to decide who I have to be after all of this is done. But before then, I will study hard and do my best. There something out thee waiting for me, and I have yet to find it. 

Last note:

Go ahead, take the risk, even if you don’t know where it will take you. Sometimes, you just got to follow that gut feeling in your belly and someday, it would lead you to something great.

Last last note:

im gonna eat my words someday. @ future me reading this, don’t be a scaredy cat and just take the risk gurl. u said it yourself.

Last last last note:

I’m starting school this August. I’m scared af but I have a good feeling about this fear.


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